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Brazilian Secrets Hair Pro Keratin Extreme Protein

Principal Benifits of the Protein in the hair the protein is responsible for straightening the hair, reducing the volume and keeping it smooth even after the procedure.

Due to its high affinity with the hair, the protein particles are deposited at the hair’s cortex during the straightening, penetrating deeply to realign its format. Besides that, it has a great hydration power and raises the strand’s resistance. Made in Brazil

Japanese Hair Straightening Shiseido

Japanese hair straightening . Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight is an innovative new technique developed by Shiseido Professional in Japan to completely straighten frizzy, curly or wavy hair effectively while preserving its health.

Typically improves hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it more manageable. • Suitable for men and women. • Super hypoallergenic. • No ammonia smell and perm product smell.

Brazilian Secrets Hair Pro Keratin Gloss

BSH Pro Keratin contains no harmful chemicals and does not produce harmful vapors or smoke, therefore there are no restrictions on its use. 100% formaldehyde free, and also contains no other harmful chemicals.


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